Social Media Application (D3.1)

The Climate Challenge, a social media application available at, aims to provide an engaging way to help people learn more about Earth’s climate, test their climate knowledge against others’, and promote the adoption of sustainable lifestyle choices. Measuring the distribution of opinions among citizens in a monthly prediction task, for example, will shed light on collective awareness processes and represents a first step in harnessing and focusing the wisdom of the crowd in ways that benefit society – such as when making tough choices in the face of a high degree of uncertainty.

To ensure compatibility with a wide range of platforms, T3.1 has chosen a generic HTML5 approach to address desktop and mobile users alike. The game uses a flexible authentication framework that supports a direct user registration or logins via existing Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

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Community workshops in Liverpool

The DecarboNet team thanks GTDT folks in Toxteth, Liverpool, for all the insightful discussions around bringing energy conservation to everyday life.

In a series of  3 workshops we discussed values around energy saving, possibilities to change our energy use behaviour, and tips that can be shared.

This exercise made clear to us that promoting energy savings is much more than providing people with technology. Also, it helped us to identify more appropriate ways to spread the energy conservation message to communities.

The participants are part of the L8 Living Sustainably,  a project funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Communities Living Sustainably’. They promote local food growing, energy generation and  educate people on the impact of climate change and the measures they can take to improve their lives.

More about on what happened there by L8LS during the Workshop 1 (28/01), Workshop 2 (11/02), and the Workshop 3 (29/2)




Interested in learning about your appliances’ energy consumption?

If you want to become more aware of energy consumption at your house and fancy the idea of sharing saving experiences with others, let us know. You can receive a free kit of energy monitor + smart plug (in Europe only).

Leave your contact details:

IKEA engaging families with energy savings

WWF  Switzerland and IKEA are working together to engage families with energy savings using the Utility Toolkit, a downloadable game developed by WAAG Society as part of DecarboNet.

More information about this initiative is available at WAAG website and IKEA’s blog.

Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour brings together people around the globe to celebrate the beauty of our planet.

Join us at 8:30 pm on Saturday 28th March by turning off the lights for one hour.

Be part of it, use #YourPower and share your #EarthHour experience on social media.


More information:

WWF and Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2015 Official Video

DecarboNet Earth Hour 2014 report


Information Extraction Demos and Services


Information Extraction Demos and Services 

We provide a number of GATEbased tools as both demos and web services, comprising

  • ClimateMeasure: extracts useful indicators of climate change such as “energy use”, “carbon pollution”, etc. for particular locations, together with measurable effects such as percentages, measurements etc. and the relevant dates.
  • ClimaPinion: aims to annotate documents with terms and sentiment related to climate change. Sentiment is classified into positive, negative and neutral polarity, as well as more fine-grained emotions such as fear, anger, joy etc. There are versions for both English and German.
  • Mention Disambiguation: aims to annotate user mentions in tweets according to their status as people, locations or organisations.
  • Earth Hour Tracker: monitors Twitter to build easily digestible snapshots of how people feel about the topics being discussed in relation to Earth Hour 2016, which was held on the 19th of March 2016.


ClimaTerm  – GATE based web services.

This DecarboNet term recognition service aims to annotate documents with terms related to climate change.

Where appropriate, these terms are matched and linked to the instance of that term in relevant Linked Open Data ontologies.

D 6.1: Mobilisation and Petition Tool

This document summarizes functionalities, technical key information and designated use of WWF Switzerland’s Mobilisation and Petition Tool for large scale awareness campaigns in the Decarbonet framework.

See the document.