Community workshops in Liverpool

The DecarboNet team thanks GTDT folks in Toxteth, Liverpool, for all the insightful discussions around bringing energy conservation to everyday life.

In a series of  3 workshops we discussed values around energy saving, possibilities to change our energy use behaviour, and tips that can be shared.

This exercise made clear to us that promoting energy savings is much more than providing people with technology. Also, it helped us to identify more appropriate ways to spread the energy conservation message to communities.

The participants are part of the L8 Living Sustainably,  a project funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Communities Living Sustainably’. They promote local food growing, energy generation and  educate people on the impact of climate change and the measures they can take to improve their lives.

More about on what happened there by L8LS during the Workshop 1 (28/01), Workshop 2 (11/02), and the Workshop 3 (29/2)