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DecarboNet is a research project funded by the European Commission to investigate the potential of social platforms in mitigating climate change. Engaging the public in energy debates and encouraging behaviour change are essential strategies for reducing energy consumption and saving our planet. Studies show that information and technology alone are insufficient for changing behaviour towards more sustainable lifestyle choices, and that what is needed is a combination of socio-technical interventions. How to raise awareness collectively by means of social platforms and how to transform it into behaviour change are some of the challenges addressed by the project’s research agenda.

DecarboNet is part of CAPS (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability & Social Innovation), an FP7 and H2020 research programme of the European Commission. DecarboNet enables new forms of social innovation and leverages emerging network effects by combining social media and distributed knowledge creation to increase awareness and identify potential solutions to problems that require collective efforts.

Witness DecarboNet technologies in action by exploring the Media Watch on Climate Change,  sharing your energy consumption experiences via the EnergyUse application, or trying out the faceted search of the Climate Resilience Toolkit based on the webLyzard Web intelligence platform.

  • Raising collective awareness

  • and promoting behaviour change towards energy saving

  • To Mitigate Climate Change

  • by means of social media.