Painted wall with the text How you gonna change the world if you can't change yourself?

Social Innovation can be achieved by empowering citizens, encouraging actions, and providing knowledge to policy makers and stakeholders. Three main objectives drive our research towards social innovation:

  • Raise individual and collective awareness

    By collectively building knowledge on the impact of everyday behaviour and effective ways to change it.

  • Trigger behavioural change and foster social innovation

    By understanding the behaviour change dynamics and providing appropriate tools that contribute to every stage of this process.

  • Analyse behavioural patterns and information diffusion

    By developing methods and tools to analyse how information can effectively reach society and stakeholders through the social media.

To trigger lifestyle changes, raising awareness of environmental problems is essential, but not enough. Relevant carbon reduction strategies contextualised within social reality can contribute to that process of promoting behaviour change collectively and in an effective way.

We are building a collective knowledge repository enriched by third-party content from the news and social media to increase awareness among citizens about the long-term impact of their actions on climate change. How people participate in the knowledge building process by generating, sharing and consuming information is also analysed, providing insights into the process of raising collective awareness.