D 6.3.1 Use Case 2 Evaluation Report v1

This is the first of two deliverables aimed at reporting the work and outcome of Use Case 2: Large-scale awareness campaigns (use case 2). This deliverable summarises the impact of the project in terms of users researched, active collaborations with stakeholders and observed behavioural changes related to the goals of DecarboNet and the themes of the Earth Hour campaign. We report in this deliverable the different events in which users and communities have been engaged face to face as well as the series of experiments in which user behaviour and engagement have been studied in the context of the Earth Hour campaign.

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D6.2.2: Earth Hour Report 2015

This deliverable summarizes the campaign activities of WWF Switzerland and DecarboNet for the Earth Hour 2015 campaign.

View report here.

D6.2.1: Earth Hour Report 2014

This deliverable summarizes the campaign activities of WWF Switzerland before, during and after the global Earth Hour campaign in 2014 and includes state of the art technology to analyse online media impact of the national and global Earth Hour campaign.

D 6.1: Mobilisation and Petition Tool

This document summarizes functionalities, technical key information and designated use of WWF Switzerland’s Mobilisation and Petition Tool for large scale awareness campaigns in the Decarbonet framework.

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