Collaboration with Earth Hour Global

In recognition of the value and potential of the DecarboNet project to the Earth Hour campaign, key members of the Earth Hour Global (EHG) organisation met in Zurich with Christoph Meili, Raphael Hess, Harith Alani, as well as several others from WWF Switzerland. In this meeting, EHG demonstrated their plans for future Earth Hour campaigns, and described how the new campaigns are firmly pinned on social media. Christoph gave an overview of the public engagement activities championed by WWF Switzerland, and Harith presented the various analysis and tools produced by the project, and described their role in supporting the campaign.

EHG showed a great overall interest in DecarboNet and praised its achievements and outcomes. For example, they regarded the Media Watch for Climate Change as an essential tool to help them acquire a quick understanding of media coverage of a given campaign, what the key discussed topics are, and how they connect and correlate. They were also very keen on the social media analysis of Earth Hour, to obtain deeper insights into the effectiveness of the campaign and its long-term impact on people’s awareness and behaviour, and how public engagement could be increased using machine-learnt tweeting patterns.

The meeting was regarded as extremely productive and successful by both parties, and a close collaboration plan was agreed around COP21 and Earth Hour 2016 campaigns.

D4.2: Algorithms for Categorising and Predicting User Behaviour

This deliverable summarises the efforts of the DecarboNet project on identifying and analysing user behaviour towards the environment.

View report here.

D5.3.1: Use Case 1 – Evaluation Report v1

This first use-case evaluation report sheds light on the Energy Trial; an initiative to engage people with energy savings by distributing energy monitors and providing recommendations to reduce carbon emissions.

View report here. 

D 6.3.1 Use Case 2 Evaluation Report v1

This is the first of two deliverables aimed at reporting the work and outcome of Use Case 2: Large-scale awareness campaigns (use case 2). This deliverable summarises the impact of the project in terms of users researched, active collaborations with stakeholders and observed behavioural changes related to the goals of DecarboNet and the themes of the Earth Hour campaign. We report in this deliverable the different events in which users and communities have been engaged face to face as well as the series of experiments in which user behaviour and engagement have been studied in the context of the Earth Hour campaign.

View report here.

D6.2.2: Earth Hour Report 2015

This deliverable summarizes the campaign activities of WWF Switzerland and DecarboNet for the Earth Hour 2015 campaign.

View report here.

Strong presence at EnviroInfo 2015

The traditional Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection – EnviroInfo – had its 29th edition in the last September at the University of Copenhagen,  in collaboration with the European Environment Agency.

DecarboNet had a strong participation in the conference, sharing 3 different aspects of our investigations. The papers:

Analysing engagement towards the 2014 Earth Hour Campaign in Twitter“,

Perception and behaviour towards climate change and energy saving“, and

“Understanding climate change tweets: an open source toolkit for social media analysis”

were presented in the ConverStations, a series of presentations to small groups (as in the picture), great for exchanging ideas and networking.




Interested in learning about your appliances’ energy consumption?

If you want to become more aware of energy consumption at your house and fancy the idea of sharing saving experiences with others, let us know. You can receive a free kit of energy monitor + smart plug (in Europe only).

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IKEA engaging families with energy savings

WWF  Switzerland and IKEA are working together to engage families with energy savings using the Utility Toolkit, a downloadable game developed by WAAG Society as part of DecarboNet.

More information about this initiative is available at WAAG website and IKEA’s blog.

D5.2: Energy Trial Application

The Citizen Engagement Portal is introduced as an application that aims at engaging people with energy savings and, consequently, with climate change issues.

View report here. 

Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour brings together people around the globe to celebrate the beauty of our planet.

Join us at 8:30 pm on Saturday 28th March by turning off the lights for one hour.

Be part of it, use #YourPower and share your #EarthHour experience on social media.


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