Living the change at home

by Christoph Meili
WWF Switzerland

Together we may change the world. Every single person has the power to reduce environmental impacts through individual engagement. In Switzerland, environmental awareness is high. However, people tend to struggle with adapting new environmental-friendly behaviour in daily life.

IKEA not only wants to optimise its products, but also takes a stand politically and wants to enable its customers to live a more sustainable life at home. WWF Switzerland is excited about IKEAs engagement and therefore was looking for nice ways to support IKEA on this journey.

Insights from collaborative workshops executed within the scope of DecarboNet, together with WAAG society, leveraged the impact of the IKEA- project. 26 households from different parts of Switzerland were supported with motivation and measuring tools to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle in a fun and easy way.

The families loved the project and recommend it to everybody.

See how easy change to a more sustainable living can be: