Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Platform (D3.2.1, D3.2.2)

The Collective Awareness Platform of DecarboNet aims to empower citizens, help translate awareness into behavioural change, and provide analytical and visual methods to understand the processes that underlie this behavioural change. This document summarizes the output of WP3 including the Tasks 3.2: Co-Creation and Visualisation of Knowledge and 3.3: System Integration.

The visual analytics and knowledge co-creation environment of WP3 allows users to track and discuss emerging trends in the public dialog, and to better understand the social perceptions of environmental topics. It builds on the Media Watch on Climate Change (MWCC), a Web portal publicly accessible at that aggregates environmental communication to investigate common patterns in the public climate and energy debate. The portal’s analytical portfolio not only provides customized information services for citizens, but also important insights for policy makers, NGOs and other environmental stakeholders.

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